Look More Fresh with Women’s Short Hairstyles according to Face Shape, which one do you choose?

There are many ways that you can take to look more fresh, one of which is to change the haircut. However, finding a short hairstyle for women according to the shape of the face is not an easy matter. If you choose the wrong one, your face can look older than its actual age, making you less confident. 

Before you decide on the right short haircut, you should first find out what your face shape is and which style suits you best. By choosing the right model, you will look younger and your appearance will be more leverage. 

Instead of being confused about finding the right model for a new haircut, Marsha Beauty has tips for you. What about? Come on, see the following review!

Short Haircut Models That Suit Face Shapes

Short hair is relatively easier to care for than long hair. For this reason, many women choose to cut their hair. If you are planning to change your haircut, here are some models that are suitable for your face shape. 

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Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women's short hairstyles according to face shape
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Most of the women who have round faces are looking for a haircut that can disguise their chubby cheeks. Not a few also avoid short haircuts for fear of looking rounder. In fact, if you choose the right model, your appearance can be maximized, you know. 

One of the short haircut models that you can try is shaggy. This haircut will make your cheeks look thinner. In addition, you can try a beach wave cut with hair length to the chin or shoulder length. 

However, for the beach wave model you need a straightener or curling iron that has the potential to damage the hair. As a solution, use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from the heat of a flat iron and a curling iron so that your hair doesn’t get damaged or fall out easily. 

Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Women's short hairstyles according to face shape
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Owners of an oval face are usually suitable for using any cut model. One of the short hairstyles for women according to an oval face shape is the pixie cut. If you’re in doubt about a cut that’s too short, you can also try a long pixie. 

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In addition, you can try a medium pixie haircut. With a pixie cut, your hair will have the same shape when it grows longer later. Another model that is suitable for oval faces is the french bob. This cut is slightly longer than the pixie cut with its signature characteristics, namely a short bob, curly hairstyle, and micro bangs. 

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Women's short hairstyles according to face shape
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Just like oval faces, owners of long faces fit a variety of short hairstyles. However, for those of you who don’t want their face to look longer, try a long bob with layers. This cut is also suitable for those of you who don’t like using bangs. 

In addition, you can choose a wavy hairstyle. Women’s short hairstyles according to this long face shape will keep your face shape proportional. Volume styling on your hair will make your face more balanced. In addition, this cut gives you a sexier impression. 

Finally, you can use a french bob cut model. This model is not only suitable for oval faces, it is also suitable for making your long face look shorter thanks to the bangs. Long hair that is parallel to the jaw also makes you look more attractive. 

From the women’s short hairstyles according to the face shape above, which one is the most attractive to you, Marhsalova?