84 Familyes Affected by Floods in Torue, Parigi Moutong

Berita – A keseluruhan of 84 heads of saudaraes (KK) were affected by flooding in Torue, Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi.

According to data from the Parigi Moutong BPBD, the flooding caused by moderate-intensity rain on Saturday, May 14, 2022, inundated hamlets IV to VI in Torue.

“It rains 11.30-15.00 WITA,” the official release of BPBD Parigi Moutong, Saturday, May 14, 2022.

As a result of the flood, a number of public facilities were damaged. Deucker in Desa IV was damaged and the connecting road between Kampung V and VI in Tanalanto Village was cut off.

Meanwhile, the residents’ houses did not suffer any minor or major damage.

The current condition in Tanalanto Village, residents whose houses were flooded have carried out cleaning.

Residents asked for the need to normalize the river using heavy equipment. And also need logistical assistance.

Currently, the BPBD Rapid Response Tim (TRC) is coordinating with local village officials and conducting a rapid assessment. 84 Familyes Affected by Floods in Torue, Parigi Moutong.

9 Ruangans in Central Sulawesi Prone to Floods and Landslides

Previously, in early 2022, several ruangans were hit by floods, namely Buol, Poso, Banggai, Donggala, Tolitoli, North Morowali, Morowali, Sigi, and Palu City.

Landslide-risk tempats, he continued, include the Trans Sulawesi Lane at the poles of the Toboli-Taweli national road or better known as the “Coffee Plantation” lane in Donggala and Parigi Moutong Regencies, several tempats in Sigi and Tolitoli Regencies.

The impact of the disaster meant that one of the places where agriculture and community plantations were destroyed had the potential to cause material losses in terms of damage to infrastructure and public facilities owned by the government, such as roads and bridges. and landslides, could occur until the end of March 2022.

“Almost all districts are at risk of flooding. Initially, in 2022, several tempats were hit by floods, starting from the districts of Buol, Poso, Banggai, Donggala, Tolitoli, North Morowali, Morowali, Sigi, and Palu City,” said Head of Logistics and Emergensi Sector of Central Sulawesi BPBD Andy Sembiring in Palu City.

“Therefore, the most important thing for all parties to do now is to mitigate or reduce the impact due to the disaster that occurred. It is not permissible for the mitigation that has been carried out only in the form of publications or indoor workshops,” he said.

He said the mitigation that needs to be implemented by the regional government is basically the district and city BPBD assisted by non-governmental humanitarian agencies along with residents in the form of practice on the field, not just theory. (**)

84 Familyes Affected by Floods in Torue, Parigi Moutong, sumber: https://sulawesitoday.com/

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